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Helping leaders to lead

As we know, poor leadership is one of the two major causes of low employee engagement, which, itself, is a key cause of low morale, productivity, poor retention, reduced profit and reduced shareholder value.

Of course, most of the leadership in organisations is done by front line leaders leading fairly small teams, who are often inexperienced in leading (although great at IT or something). Now no-one wants to be a terrible leader or to destroy other people’s enthusiasm, but we found that they simply don’t know how to lead.

They need help – now!

Leadership training is often demanding, takes time away from the job and is sometimes not retained or applied and, as CMI BOSS noted, most online leadership training is simply traditional training dumped on a smartphone. So we developed the iLeader app to replace weeks of training with ‘learning while doing’. It needs zero time away from the job and is extremely cost effective.

The iLeader Assistant App does leadership with you, so you’re a better leader immediately, get to practice as you lead and, very quickly, become a truly effective leader with minimumefforts, but maximum outcome.

Pretty soon you won’t need to use the ILeader Assistant App every time, but it will always be there for you with useful tips, the leader community, learning and your Assistant in case you need a reminder.

We’re looking for thought-leading organisations to support us in demonstrating that this approach really helps their leaders. You’ll get a very special early adopter offer which can also include an extremely valuable robust analysis of your organisation’s front-line leadership across your organisation, identifying any specific causes or hot-spots of great, or less great, leadership - and what you could do about it.

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