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We find unique solutions for tricky people issues, such as engagement, leadership, motivation, HR strategic impact and retention, through robust research, combined with 20 years global practical experience in helping all types and sizes of private and public sector clients to achieve their goals. 

Casual Business Meeting

The key drivers of employee engagement

This long-term research project correlated various potential factors with robust measures of employee engagement, discretionary effort and retention.

We found the top 3 factors were common across many sectors and countries. Two of these factors are relatively easy to fix - but not in the same old ways organisations have been trying for years. Find out more?   Contact us

Modern Work Space

Transforming, engagement, happiness, and well-being

This book, published by Springer, summarizes many years research with organisations including BP, the Dubai government and HSBC. It looks at the causes of active happiness (in contrast to contentment or coping strategies) and identified key actions that every organization (and person) can take to maximize the active happiness and enthusiasm of their people. 

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